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As industry-leading medical practice consultants, Medical Resource Association offers a full range of services tailored to grow your medical practice or organization. All our services are scalable and customizable, designed to solve your unique challenges and set the stage for unparalleled growth.

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Training & Education

On & Off-site training

We offer on and off-site training and certification in longstanding techniques and new developments. No matter the education, experience, or aptitude of your workforce, Medical Resource Association has the necessary tools to build a solid foundation for your staff.

Accredited continuing medical education (CME) courses

At Medical Resource Association, our staff regularly organizes CME courses in emerging fields and topics in the medical industry. We partner with industry leaders to create and manage courses for Physicians, Nurses, PA’s and other healthcare professionals.

Business Development

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Proper revenue collection is not only key to a practice’s success, but also vital to providing excellent patient care. At Medical Resource Association, our team handles your billing from start to finish; including insurance claim submissions, reimbursement processes, and identifying possible cases of fraud and abuse. We also train your staff on-site in RCM best practices.

Workspace and workflow design

We use our nearly two decades of experience in practice layout, workflow design, trade dress solutions, and interior decorating to maximize your practice’s efficiency and anticipate future growth.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

By providing patients with the right durable medical equipment at home; you support patients on their road to recovery long after they leave your office. Not only does this provide another level of support as your patients heal, but it creates a new revenue stream to help support your growing practice. Our team guides PT and OT practices through the ins and outs of making DME a successful and profitable service.

Marketing Support

We use research and planning, development and production, alongside placement and monitoring to attract new patients to your practice. We help you retain them too, whether they’re visiting your facility, your website, or your social media pages.

Branding & Merchandising

Help your practice or organization stand out among a growing and crowded field. We can create a recognizable brand via custom logos, letterhead, business cards, and branded products that distinguish you from the crowd, maintain top-of-mind awareness among patients and attendees, and deliver quantifiable results.

Business Development

We conduct comprehensive on-site assessments of your operations, regulatory compliance, and revenue systems that allow us to build out detailed action plans you can use to maximize efficiency and profit.

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Business Support

Electronic Medical Records & Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR)

When your practice goes digital, you’re offering a higher level of care at lightning-fast speed and convenience while reducing opportunities for human error. With all EMR and EHR’s advantages though, comes a growing body of government regulation designed to keep that information safe and confidential. The experts at Medical Resource Association can guide your transition to EMR/EHR and help you remain in compliance long after the transition is complete.

Coding Services

In the complicated web of self-pay, reimbursements, and legislative mandates, patients and medical practice staff alike may be left to decipher a tangled web of information. Our experts are just a phone call away when you need our assistance to analyze the coding on treatment records and other insurance information. We can expedite your interactions with insurance companies and save you precious time.

Claims Denial Services

We oversee your medical practice’s claims denial services hotline to guide both insurance companies and patients to understand why a claim was rejected. Our medical practice consultants have decades of experience navigating the challenges of insurance claims and payments.


Mock Audits

Our medical practice consultants conduct random mock audits so that your organization is prepared for unannounced visits from inspectors and compliance professionals. When we detect problem areas, we’ll work with you to ensure they’re not an issue when a real audit comes around.

Medical Audit Support Services

Get your coding, patient chart documentation, and Medicare claims in order with our Medicare audit support services. We can help make sure all your information is organized and presented properly to pass a Medicare audit.

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Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis Practice Setup & Management

Medical Resource Association works hand-in-hand with medical practices and practitioners to help develop their own medical cannabis practices while remaining compliant with each state’s medical cannabis program guidelines. With a wildly shifting regulatory framework, groundbreaking new research and studies emerging every day, and a growing body of curious patients interested in alternative, plant-based medicine; medical practitioners may not know where to turn to begin offering this new area of care to patients. We have the knowledge base you need to successfully and seamlessly integrate medical cannabis into your practice.

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